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Word on The Street Is...

"I got my sample today. I absolutely LOVE it. I will definitely be ordering a bottle soon"

Moréh Lynn

"Shout out to my girl Shannon Walter for putting this lovely scent on the market. Also check out her whipped body soaps! Inbox her for more info. A delightful and sexy aroma wrapped into one scent"

Shelaughs Mann

"So I love it. Smooth, but not too soft where you can't smell it. I don't like over bearing fragrances, and this is one that seems it'll blend well with lots of different body chemistries. Since I've been wearing it, I've gotten tons of compliments... And of course I told em where I got it. So expect a bunch of sales"

Richard Allen

" I received my packages and girl. I could smell the fragrance through the packaging. I love that it’s oil based. I feels like I’m wearing a hug. It’s warm, but fruity and fun. Perfect summertime fragrance. I can tell that it was made with love and passion. A perfect representation of you sis! Keep going. I’m right behind you."

Tanisha Fortune